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04.06.2012 16:19 Category: Blog
By: James "Kaelaris" Carrol

A Weekend's Success - WCS Germany.

Blog by Kaelaris - Knight of eSports

First off, let me point out how utterly fantastic it was to be able to go to and from a venue from my own apartment and sleep in my own bed. Ok so i’ve not been in my apartment here in Germany for too long BUT it’s starting to feel like “home” a little bit. I’ve never really been a fan of Hotels, especially when alone in them as well - When I say alone I mean.. well, perhaps you can figure it out.

Aside from the above, this weekend was a pretty spectacular experience from start to finish. In terms of organisation from our side there were very few flaws in our master plan and the execution was extremely impressive as well. Day 1 started off with myself and Grubby getting in to the swing of things but I don’t think either of us was really prepared for the level of entertainment from the games. From start to finish we had some quirky builds, some well revised builds and some lovely macro games. For me, DBS really shone through with not only his play, but also in his interviews as well. It’s great to see someone evolve as a player and I hadn’t really seen DBS since a few months past during a few weekly tournaments where he was just playing standard 1-2 base all-ins. As Grubby rightly said though, players who start out like this have the potential to become extremely strong, Naniwa is an amazing example of this. Despite not being able to seal the deal i’m sure we’ll be seeing great things of DBS soon.

Day 1 ended weirdly for me. I’m not the most amazing person socially but after a cast it can sometimes gets worse because of some mental Demons I currently have. 20-25 of us went out for food to a Steak place but everyone was just talking German, and since I don’t speak it just yet I felt rude injecting myself in conversation with English and trying to interpret what was going on to make myself not sound completely out of place. As such I sat around for 10 minutes and then decided I should leave to save myself feeling stupid for an hour or 2. This of course was not the fault of anyone else, I told everyone I was fine and I never lie. Especially after a cast though, speaking for 8 hours straight, I just want to relax, not effectively work even more trying to figure out where and when I can speak. I’m pretty socially inept in this regard, so apologies to those guys if I they believe it was rude of me to leave.

Day 2 ahoy! and with the lineup of players we had after Day 1, Both Grubby and myself were thrilled. Having DBS and KrasS make a good showing, having some awesome PvP action and also Darkforce playing extremely well was an absolute delight to behold. Not only that but the audience we had at the venue was great. The more excited and involved an audience gets, the more our casting steps up to the next level. Fuelling that passion with others energy is so fulfilling and a great boost to any event. So if you (yes you) end up attending an event - Give it your all, cheer your loudest for the players and make eSports even more stellar.

Once we’d finished up for Day 2 we’d decided to go out with a smaller group of people this time, Soe, TLO, TBO, Kerrag, Zatic etc and then the Blizzard guys also joined us. Thankfully I felt a lot better about this one and enjoyed lovely Steak and some extremely interesting Cocktails afterward. Some Mango or Apricot foam in one was so good! mmm!

Again thank you to everyone who tuned in, everyone in the live audience and it’s always a pleasure to work alongside Blizzard, the ESL crew, my dashing co-caster Grubby and our great hosts Soe and Paul. Looking forward to the Combined European Nationals so make sure to tune in once again! <3 Thanks guys.