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04.04.2013 15:32 Category: Blog
By: Jason Kaplan

ButButButILY: How it all started.

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                To become a Professional League of Legends caster is an extremely great honor. Being paid to do what you love is something most people would kill for. I am one of the lucky few who can wake up every morning and instead of dreading going to work I wake up excited to go to work. I have been in Germany now for almost 2 weeks and have been loving every moment of it.


                Getting to where I am today all started from one event that happened in my life; my ex-girlfriend and I broke up. One thing that typically happens after a break up is that the person will "forget about men/women and just focus on work" and that is exactly what happened with me. After the breakup I wanted to focus on making content for YouTube. Gaming is something that I've always loved and was something that I could see myself doing for a job. I've always had a problem trying to find something that I wanted to focus my studies on in school. I took some time trying to come up with some type of video series that I wanted to do. To really break through in YouTube you need to do something entertaining and unique. I came up with the idea of Ult in Ten and luckily I had played against Nhat Nugyen in a ranked match. I can honestly say that if he did not do the first episode of Ult in Ten with me, I would not be working for ESL. That first episode snowballed everything for me and made it possible to be successful.


                I had been talking with ESL for a couple of months before it was announced that I was the new ESL LoL caster. Initially the idea of moving to a different country for a job scared me. I would think it would scare most people to be honest. I was on a list of others as potential people to be picked up as the new caster. After a couple of months I was chosen to be the new caster. It never really hit me that I was moving to Germany until I was on the plane. It is a big step to move away from your family and never knowing when you will see them again.


                The flight here was terrible. I spent about 25 hours in travel time with a extra 2 hour delay in New York because of a thunderstorm. The worst part of the travel starts with the fact that I am 2.01 meters tall. I could not sleep on the airplane because I like to be on my stomach to sleep. So I would try to lean forward only to hit my head on the seat in front of me. One thing that I was grateful for was the fact that I had aisle seats the entire way here. So I arrived in Duesseldorf after being up for over a day. I was then picked up and driven to the office in Cologne Germany. Everyone seemed to be excited to meet the new Leauge of Legends caster. Just from talking with people here, you can see the enthusiasm they have about gaming. I could tell just from those few hours of being there during the first day that it was somewhere I wanted to be.

I hope you guys enjoy the read and stay tuned for future posts about my experiences at ESL and in Germany.