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01.03.2012 21:54 Category: Developement
By: Thefly

Changelog: Channel List, Event Vertical

  • Main Menu dynamically, prepared for translation 
  • Channel Listing with optional Limit Param
  • Channel Listing with optional Filters:
    • By Language
    • By Vertical Settings (for events, games, ..)
  • Channel Listing Layout fine tuning (live/offline indicators)
  • Channel Listing live viewers total added
  • Added Vertical Filter: Specific Channels
    • Needed for Events
  • Moved to new Hosting Server / Dev Enviroment
  • Added panic switch to disable all ESL integrations (for emergency issues)
  • Imprint added
  • Contact Link added


Also worked on Single-Sign-On for Disqus, finally the bug was found, so I can continue work on this.


Full overview status of all features: /about/beta-status/