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09.07.2012 22:30 Category: Developement
By: Thefly

Changelog: Too much for one title

I've missed to post a changelog for a long time, mostly because there we're a lot of backend, tech and performance stuff to do, which isn't that interesting for most of you. But as you may have noticed, the page runs like a boss, with very good loading times. 


From now on, I will post changelogs more often, starting today with a summary of the past two weeks.


  • New Backend for managing external channels including
    • Video edititing
    • Comments show/delete
    • Scheduler shows edit
    • Channel properties
  • Backend: Video Tagging System
  • Video Archive: Search by Main Channels not hardcodet anymore
  • Live News Ticker (prepared for next big event aka GamesCom)
  • Video - Schedule Show linking
  • /schedule/ - show linked videos
  • /schedule/ - Language Filtered
  • /schedule/ - currently live icon
  • /schedule/ - Current Selected Show Hightlight
  • /schedule/ -  Rendering Performance Increase
  • Twitter engine - Listen Keywords/Followed Channels
  • Twitter - new frontend plugins
  • Footer: New #esltv Twitter Buzz
  • /channel/ - new twitter box
  • /schedule/ - no more forwarding to 1st show, caused too much troubles
  • Spotlight player on home - preview image rotator
  • /channel/ - Chat Popout
  • /channel/ - Upcoming Shows
  • /channel/ - Twitter Share with #esltv tag, URL without language, @channeltwitter
  • Facebook share defaults to ESLTV Logo and linked to us.esltv. anymore
  • Schedule Box: Past shows, including number of videos
  • Eventpage: Past Shows (WCS/EPS/Go4)
  • /channel/ - Past Shows
  • /channel/ - Status shown only when live, seperated to description
  • /channel/ - Don't switch to show comments when show live
  • Games Pages - Twitter box for all channels in gamesection