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31.05.2012 12:37 Category: Blog
By: James "Kaelaris" Carrol

Englishman in Madrid

Blog by Kaelaris - Knight of eSports

­­­‍Having the opportunity to fly around casting the Blizzard WCS is pretty special I have to say. Alongside Grubby, Hasu, Templar and of course my co-caster for Spain, the lovely Soe, it’s been an absolute pleasure to be part of the series and it’s only going to get even better as we move forward to the Germany Nationals and beyond.


Ok i’ll be perfectly honest for a second, not having the most useful of hair colours and pigmentation of skin made my initial thoughts of heading to Spain quite daunting. If you’re not of my, ilk, then you’ll find it a little hard to sympathize when we’re exposed to such amounts of Sun. Regardless though I spent most of my first 2-3 days inside, so this can be left alone for the time being.                                                                                                 
I think the most predominant point about Spain that struck us hardest was how truly nice the people were we worked with, and i’m not just saying that. There were a few technical hitches during the first day and systems not in place that, as a Caster, were very easy to get perturbed about, but it was almost impossible to stay angry at them because of how lovely everyone was. I think as a whole it’s important to understand that almost no event goes without technical dilemma, it’s how you deal with it that matters! The first half of day 1 was not the as smooth as one would like, and then I managed to ask our first interviewee a question meant for the opposing player in the series (woops!), but once we’d traversed the hump of 1pm, it was plain sailing from there. We’d got into our rhythm and it was full speed ahead. The games as a whole were increasingly better as time went on up until the culmination of the final, which in game 1, was the definitely the highest level play we saw during the entire tournament. VortiX and of course Lucifron advance on to the European Finals so House Duran looks to put their differences aside and take the rest of the continent by Storm, with Claw and Rifle.

Apart from watching a lot of Anime, Replays and discussing the games we’d seen during our nights off, Soe and I actually got the opportunity to have a day or two off in Madrid which is something that doesn’t normally happen when you go to such events. You normally see 3 locations for the most part when you travel - The venue, the airport and the hotel. Oh and the inside of a lot of taxis. But nope, we were able to catch the splendor that is Madrid architecture, sample some lovely Tapas and grab a drink or two. We ended up in a bar on the last night that had Comic book covers for Menus and they brought you your cheque in VHS cases - talk about nostalgic.

Oh and then I missed my flight and lost my Sunglasses :D

BUT a huge thank you to the people we worked with in Spain, and especially good sir Mykel who showed us around on our day off in Madrid. Thanks to Tobi and Carni for getting me home and I really hope I get the opportunity to go back to Spain for another event, was an awesome experience.

Make sure to check us out for the WCS Germany Nationals this coming weekend <3 (2nd/3rd June).