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04.04.2013 16:36 Category: Blog
By: Iza

ESL TV Backstage: Smells like...shaving foam

A few photos from the Intel Extreme Masters video shooting



It's official. The IEM is back with a new season.

You've all probably seen the video announcement by now. If not, you should: youtu.be/M0BLeufR460 There's nothing better than eleven grown-ups behaving like kids during the working hours.

Making the videos for Carmac & Co. has always been a blast for us in the TV but this time the whole team had the time of their lives.

Maybe apart from Carmac, who finished the shooting completely covered in foam. And Simon, our producer, who almost got a heart attack when he saw his precious studio after we finished...

Here are a few photos from the shooting just to show you what the whole process looked like:


Shy at first, the team gathered in the studio not sure what the whole fuss was about.


 After a short briefing we've established some ground rules

1. Everyone has their own sector they work in.

2. We do NOT throw the foam around the studio.

3. Foam goes on the branding, NOT on us.

4. We're all adults and professionals and we can do it in a civilized way.

Yeah, right... :D







You definitely don't want a guy who is a volcano of energy close to you, armed with a can of shaving foam. He was made a director of the project and put behind the video camera. As it turned out, the effort was futile...










Carni arrived at the studio in a real TV manner - on a camera tripod.




The amunition.


During the shooting we've used 25 cans of shaving foam (5 of which were used on Carmac only) and no animals were hurt during the process.


What can I say, Mr Blicharz apparently likes shaving foam.


With a guy like that supervizing the whole process you're bound to quickly realize a few things:

a) the person who called him crazy was right

b) he doesn't play according to the rules

c) the person who called him crazy was right (yes, again)








Carni was making sure the camera won't get affected by any 'splash damage' in the process. At this point we were all pretty sure there won't be any 'splash damage' involved but I guess Carni just knows us too well.









Lights. Camera. Action!


Carmac, you asked for it!


After the shooting we've decided Carmac needs more foam here and there. It needs to be said he fought bravely. 







Simon, the ESL TV producer, required lots of love and attention after he saw what we had done to his studio...










- "There there. Carmac's here."



Next season we'll do it with chocolate...


The song we used for the video: "Time to dance" by The Shoes