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WGLEU - Matchweek 3 - Playday 2: UTOPIA vs. PENTA noMercy vs...
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Here's your chance to see your design worn by thousands of Wargaming fans! t.co/5hFQhnUKGJ | t.co/1M12fyFh49
@WarpCordova Steadfast! You have this! <O
RT @Rivalhk93g3: Going live to hand out more gold! t.co/WNYpX7RCX3 @worldoftanks @TeamRivalGG @MLG @RivalErtai
RT @Major_Rampage: I got my new @worldoftanks bag from @JINX today! Gonna travel test it for Minsk next week. #RollOut t.co/GK0n5uKg
Happy Canada Day, Tankers! Here's Parliament Hill in 1927 when this date was celebrated as Dominion Day. t.co/lakWyfABgM
[LIVE] The Gold League day 3 match-ups are going STRONK t.co/yxe97zNP9D


( 12/01 - 2015) The third week of Bronze and Silver Series has finished and we have the same top dogs in Silver Series as we had before the holiday break! Check out the new teams that were demoted to Bronze Series and the best teams that got promoted to Silver Series. Some interesting names over there!
( 2/01 - 2015) This is the year of changes, as the title says. And the changes start right now! From now on, all our activity will be on the new ESL Play website. Everything from cups to Bronze and Silver Series will be hosted on ESL Play starting today! With the end of 2014 we say good-bye to the old website and hello to the new ESL Play website!
( 1/01 - 2015) All right commanders, here are the upcoming 7on7 Go4WoT Cups for January 2015. Be ready to play on Sunday, 14:00! You have the chance of winning 250€ and a plenty of gold in this edition of ESL's incredible cup series. You don't have to qualify to participate in this amazing cup. Simply find 6 teammates, create an ESL team and you could walk away at the end of the day with 50€ to 250€ or at the very least a lot of gold! So sign up now and don’t miss the opportunity to improve and get paid for it! Please ensure that you have read and understood the rules. Have fun & good luck!
( 24/12 - 2014) The second week of Bronze and Silver Series is done and we have new top dogs in Silver Series but we will also tell you the new teams that were demoted to Bronze Series and the best teams that got promoted to Silver Series. We will also let you know more about the Christmas break.
( 18/12 - 2014) All good things come to an end, but in our case, only to rise stronger as a Phoenix. Before we focus on the 2nd season of this emotionally charged tournament, let's see the facts. 3459 players fought in over 1000 matches to crown 5 champions in front of more than 300.000 viewers. See the victors of the kick off season!
Checkout the new ESL TV Website at tv.eslgaming.com!